Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A "Report" on Peter and the Wolf...

As you may know, on March 2 I performed the initial piano incarnation of "Peter and the Wolf" as Prokofiev first wrote it.
I briefly explained to the audience the primary reason that the world of music is not familiar with the original piano score; that being, the rather difficult problem of creating specific character differentiation with only the piano sound being available, and why Prokofiev wrote it so quickly thereafter for the orchestra, in order to create the brilliance in character design by way of various instruments available.
And so I explained that I would heighten the difference among the characters in the story by increasing the stylistic power endemic to each character through inflection and a wider elasticizing the musician calls 'rubato.' I felt that this approach might help overcome the limitations of a piano sound, and only a piano sound.
I did receive comments after the performance that my tactics were successful, and that the story line maintained its form, without the help of a clarinet, an oboe, a bassoon, the violins etc.
And so it seemed to go well, for which I am grateful!



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