Friday, December 23, 2011

Muzio Clementi - An Addendum...

In the blog of Clementi I had done earlier today, I had forgotten to relate an item of importance dealing with the influence that Clementi had on not only the possibilities of the keyboard, but also on the advent of early Romanticism, as it eventually asserted its power later in the 19th century:
When Beethoven passed away, the authorities dealing with the affairs and possessions of the fabled composer discovered that upon investigating the material in Beethoven's music library, more of Clementi's piano music resided there than that of Mozart.
All one has to do is listen to the first movement of the opus 26, no.2 of Clementi. There are passages therein that one would swear Beethoven had written; and, of course, that would have been an impossibility, as Clementi was the clear predecessor.
Do listen closely to Horowitz playing a group of sonatas by Clementi, and you will, at times, hear Beethoven before Beethoven...



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