Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"The Art of" - Bio-Acoustics?? Read On...

The name Bernie Krause may not be familiar to you; however, you may find his story one of fascination, as it applies to the art of music:
Born in 1938, his initial interest was music, which he delved into at about age four, first in violin, then composition. Yes, he was considered a prodigy by many.
As he grew, he pursued the guitar as a primary instrument, ending up with the famous group The Weavers, and pretty well made his mark as a musician.
His gigantic curiosity about the world he lived in, plus his equally gigantic intellect resulted in his returning to school, emerging with a PHD centering around the science of bio-acoustics. He ventured around the world as a bio-acoustician garnering, by recording, the sounds of creatures both well-known as well as exotic.
He then fused these sounds with his musical gifts, and the results - well, why not pick up one of his most unique recordings, titled "Gorillas in the Mix?"
It consists entirely of many of the animal sounds he collected, forming them into musical pieces which, I'm confident you will agree, are essentially as unique as any musical offering you can identify with.
Take my word for it - get a copy!



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