Monday, November 7, 2011

Andy Rooney and Vladimir Horowitz - Total Fulfillment?

When the acerbic,wonderfully gifted columnist Andy Rooney passed away at the age of 92 a couple of days ago, I thought of the wonderful combination of a long life, followed quickly by his departure. Just three weeks after his retirement, Rooney said 'goodbye' to us all.One of his colleagues remarked that the only improvement possible would have been to have departed three days after retirement rather than three weeks.
Another rather poignant and poetic departure from this world was the manner in which the legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz left us:
One day after a recording session, Horowitz happened to be sitting in his town house, not very far from his beloved piano, when he quietly slipped to the floor, not far from his wife.
What better examples of of bidding 'goodbye' to the world by these two creative giants so soon after their singular, unforgettable tasks were completed, are there?
For me, these two gifted creative minds waved their farewells in a manner fitting the poetry of their work.



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