Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Evening to Remember...

Two wonderful and powerful performers, one of whom had been a student of mine in my younger years, paid a visit from Norway, giving a recital for piano and violin to a large and receptive audience.
I was fortunate in being one of three American composers represented in the recital. Other pieces were also played, including one of the most evocative and luminous readings I know of; that being of a piano and violin Sonata by the legendary Norwegian composer Grieg.
There was world - class playing in this small hall, and these musicians created an evening that will be long remembered by the fortunate in attendance.
The interpretative, technical integrity and attainment level of Ricardo Odriozola, the violinist, and Einar Rottingen, the pianist should be known to music lovers wherever they may be, and I would suggest that you go to their web-sites and listen to valuable addenda to the history of performance captured in recording.
You will be fulfilled and delighted.



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