Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Hats Off" to a Former Student, and Now, a Colleague

Schumann once wrote an article in his journal, with the title "Hats Off, Gentlemen; a Genius!" as an encomium to his friend Chopin.
I will now exercise plagiarism ( as only I can do) and proclaim "hats off!" to a truly fine violinist and esteemed teacher, who has established himself at the Grieg Academy in Bergen, Norway as a mainstay there. He has performed, and continues to perform internationally, and is a very active conductor, let alone a gifted composer as well. Attendant with all this is my pride in having known him for about a generation, from his days as a student of mine, to the present day.
One of my many reasons for writing about Ricardo Odriozola is something I just found out, and that is, Ricardo is celebrating over twenty years in performing with a wonderful pianist and a student of the revered Norwegian composer Harald Saeverud, during his final years. The pianist is Einar Rottingen, who is also a master teacher in the Academy and a performer of considerable stature and power. Both he and Ricardo constitute an important addendum to the literature of Music da Camera, and in my opinion, have given to our time a number of luminous and enduring readings of music from the High Baroque to the present day.
You can enjoy their considerable gifts by turning on your computer - may I suggest that you go to Google, then punch in you tube Hurwitz "Enigma" - you can hear an example one of my compositions performed by Ricardo - from there you will be able to pick and choose various performances he recorded. Additionally, you can find much about Ricardo by investigating the material pertaining to his career, in addition to the videos he has produced.
Above all, my "hats off" goes to Ricardo, not only for his gifts to his listeners; but for me the most important reason beyond the music - his Friendship.



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