Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pregnant Words From Those Renown

This morning I was ruminating over statements made by famous individuals, and thought that I might encapsulate a small number of them for your pleasure. Some of the following I have already written about in different contexts; however, I am adding a few for the first time:
Frederick Chopin - (purportedly on his death bed) - "I was cursed with a short life and a long nose."
Richard Wagner - "Brahms - that prophylactic composer."
Isoroku Yamamoto - (in 1915, years before the first aircraft carrier) - "The navy of the future will gain its primary power from planes on ships."
Peter Tchaikowsky - "I've just now finished poring over music of Brahms - what an artless bastard."
Josef Stalin - (during the struggle against the Nazi invader) - "Only the unborn are safe."
(to his soldiers) - "If one takes a step forward, he may die; if one takes a step backward, he will die."
(to his Minister of Oil) - "If the Nazis take our oil fields, we will shoot you. If you are forced to dismantle our oil fields before the Nazis arrive, we will shoot you."
Ludwig Beethoven - (about his thoughts of royalty) - "It is they who should bow to us."
Stan Laurel - (on his deathbed) - "I'd rather be skiing." He had never learned to ski.
In one of his movie classics, Laurel, after an exceedingly deep-seated exchange of thoughts with his partner Oliver Hardy, concerning the vicissitudes of life, looked into the camera with one of those wonderfully vacant stares, and uttered, with a sigh, " Life isn't short enough."
Bela Bartok - (on music competitions) - "Competitions are for horses, not artists."



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