Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Simple Numbers - Simply Numbing!

Yesterday I was ruminating about certain numbers which grabbed at my consciousness, a few of which were so luminous in my memory core, that I thought that I might share a handful of them with you:
When we were attacked at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, our army was about the size of the army of Rumania.
When the auto industry, which had produced millions of cars until that attack by the Japanese Empire switched over to war-time production, only 139 cars were produced from that day until the end of the war in August of 1945 - truly astounding.
The great composer Chopin performed less than thirty times in the public halls of Europe during his career.
His great contemporary Franz Liszt had twenty seven major love affairs that we know of, many of them with enraptured women in his audiences.
The composer Brahms took about twenty years to complete his first symphony.
Mozart had written thirty five symphonies by age thirty one.
Scarlatti received his calling as he approached middle age regarding the possibilities of what he called "exercises" for the keyboard, and from that time in his life to his passing he produced almost 600 of these "exercises," which we now know as the legendary Sonatas.
Eisenhower insisted upon activating Operation Market Garden, formulated by Montgomery, which resulted in about 17,000 Allied casualties, more than on D - Day.
When Bach wrote those incredible minimalist Two - Part Inventions, one of his most important issues was "which notes do I leave out?"



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