Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Art of Conversation - The Winner!

In my last blog connected with "The Art of Conversation", I had listed the finalists. And, as promised, I would bring the list down to the four finalists I would have chosen to converse with; and they are Franz Liszt, Albert Schweitzer, George Handel, and Mary Shelley. The reasons for these choices are already available in the blogs which contained their names.
To make it a bit more interesting, perhaps, is for me to choose one of these final four, and after considerable thought, I have decided upon the name of Albert Schweitzer. May I enhance my reasons for having chosen him?
I think that he would have swept me into a realm of thought like no other, because of his views, at the highest level of perspective; of theology, music, and medicine. At the same dizzying level of probity and ultimate attainment, his views on man's elemental attachment to the word "God"; his overwhelming sense of empathy toward others by way of his quest for the winning of the omnipresent struggle over disease; as noted, for example, in his establishing a leper colony in Africa, and finally his search for the ultimate form of communication with his existence through a language which does not need words for meaning; namely, his attainments as an organist and as a Bach scholar, of the highest order - for me (and remember that this is only one writer's view), this man personifies the ultimate in what the word "great" means, in all of the facets surrounding this word - one man, who is like three, all truly great.
A suggestion was made that I compile a list of living men and women with whom I would like to be in conversation, and so I will consider that possibility as my next little "game".
Stay tuned!



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