Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Bit of Information About This Blog - Please Read On!

The other day, I happened to be discussing the life of Josef Haydn with one of my students, and mentioned that this great composer wore, for a time, the same uniform that the servants wore.
I pointed out that for almost thirty years Haydn was employed by one of the most powerful families in Europe; namely, the Esterhazy family.
And so, Haydn was one of the few composers during that time who did not have to be concerned about his next meal, but at the same time was just a musician trying to make a living.
Of course, history takes us to Haydn's eventual recognition and fame as one of the truly vital composers in the story of human attainment.
As I was sharing the Haydn information with the student, the thought crossed my mind that I had forgotten to inform you, as readers of this blog, called "Aphorisms", that this blog is a game to me. To explain:
After I finally consented to initiate this blog, back in November of 2007, I stated that I would continue writing the blog as long as the information comes from my memory bank, and from no other source. The moment I am forced to consult a book, or a paper, or the Internet for information is the moment that this blog ceases to continue.
And so, dear reader: Let us see how much longer I can go on with "Aphorisms" - now you know why I call this a "game."



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