Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Five -Year-Old Playing Diabelli - Wonder What Became of Her?

I recall, a good number of years back, taking on, as a student, a little Japanese girl of kindergarten age.
Her family came from Kobe for a period during which her father was attending Harvard for his doctorate.
She was rather precocious musically, as she could read music better than her own language, and was impressive in her knowledge of English, even at that age.
The event I remember best was when she and I played in public, in her fifth year, doing the six sonatinas of Opus 163 by Diabelli, named "Pleasures of Youth", which are really quite charming, and redolent with melodies.
I vividly recall those tiny, chubby little fingers gliding over the hundreds of notes she had to play, and the audience simply loved the performance.
Even though I have taught many much older than she was, that event stands out as one of my more memorable experiences.
Wonder what became of her?



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