Sunday, September 23, 2018

Great Music - A Personal Certification From a Recent Event...

Whenever, say, that if the  Eine kleine Nacht Musik of Mozart is discussed or thought of, an immediate and automatic reaction on my part is to 'hear' the first few measures of the opening allegro; or, say, if  the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven is  discussed or thought of, those first four notes are brought immediately into  my  inner world of sound.
Well, the other day I decided to look into the latest recording made by the indestructible crooner Tony Bennett, released on August 3rd, the date of his 92nd (!) birthday, finding that his partner-of-choice was the great Canadian pop singer Diana Krall - a recording that consisted of  a number of songs-by-choice of George Gershwin; songs such as  ""I got rhythm," "I've got a crush on you, " S' wonderful"   ...the very first reaction was for the opening sounds of these and the other tunes that appear  in this recording to waft by my  inner ear; the very same reaction  created by , say, Mozart;  or Beethoven; or the other giants and their priceless legacies.
The very same reaction...
So; a gentle reminder that the Gershowitz family, soon after to become  the Gershwine family, and finally the Gershwin name will inhabit the same building that Mozart, Beethoven and the rest of the immortals reside in.
A few short weeks of a century ago, George Gershwin asked his friend Oscar Levant  " I wonder if my music will still  be heard a hundred years from now?"
And the brilliant and derisive Levant, without looking up, said "yeah, if you're still around."
Well, ask a 92 year- old crooner, still giving us his magical gift, having chosen the music of Gershwin as his perhaps final offering to the world; "why Gershwin?"
Perhaps Bennett's answer would be yet another question:
"why not?" ...



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