Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Imagery and Composition - Does it HAVE to be Music?...

When I think of the word 'art,'  the word 'imagery' also appears. The creating of an idea and the imaging  of that idea are, it seems to me, really one and the same  when it comes to the promulgation of transfer from that 'image' to the outside world. As an example, when I compose music, I 'see' the formation of whatever statement I come up with, and then shift it over to manuscript form.
Another example of that process is how the writer does the very same thing, it seems to me. That 'imaging' of what turns out to be the most propitious result of word choice gives us the magic of the story-teller, or humorist, or master historian, etc.
In the case of humor, examples of word choice can give us little masterpieces of creative imagery, resulting in absolute delight in the same kind of way that a one-page "Arietta" by Grieg, or a "Mazurka" by Chopin can make our day, with the same kind of transporting result emanating from a different direction  - what this process can give us - here are a few examples:

Oscar Wilde - Never argue with an idiot - any bystander involved will never know which one is the idiot.

Kurt Vonnegut - An example of pure terror is, upon  awakening; one becomes aware that the country is being run by your high school class.

Agatha Christie - An archeologist is the best husband a woman can get. As she grows older, he becomes more and more interested in her.

Oscar Levant - (remarks about the art of music he represented  as an eminent pianist and humorist) -

What this world needs is more geniuses with humility - there are so few of us left.

George, if you had to do it all over again, would you fall in love with yourself? (an actual question he asked his friend George Gershwin).

(In answer to a question Gershwin asked Levant; namely, "do you think that, a hundred years from now, will they be listening to my music?" Levant's answer was "yeah, if you're still around."

Stan Laurel, the genius side of the famous duo Laurel and Hardy in the early period of the sound movies, injected his own brand of humor into many of the scripts - for instance:
Playing the part of a detective searching for a woman named Mary Roberts, Laurel approaches a woman he had  never seen before and demands to know "I want to know why you are not Mary Roberts!!"

After a deeply philosophical conversation about Existence with his partner Oliver Hardy, Laurel looks into the camera and remarks, with a sigh - "life isn't short enough."

In another movie, Laurel meets Oliver Hardy after a period of twenty years, and hammers out "remember how dumb I was? Well,  I'm  better now."

Just a few examples of humor born of a kind of imagery by strong, if not great minds - and not music this time around. Not meant to create belly-laughs, such as late night TV offers us, but simply another way to absorb some creative imagery from a different phase of source, and make one think for a second or so, resulting, perhaps, in a tiny giggle...

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