Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mozart, Salieri - Other Composers As Well...Guys Out There Just to Make a Buck...

How about the evening that the Emperor had arranged to have both Mozart and the Court Composer Antonio Salieri  be present in order to  have  some of their music performed? Seems to me that I had written about that evening in one of my prior blogs. Wouldn't   you have loved to be that fly-on-the-wall during THAT  night? I most certainly would.
And how about that group of brilliant French  composers  called  Les Six, who were opposed to  Wagner and  Impressionism, and who have made their mark in the music history books?  Well, two of them were  contracted by CBS in New York to write some of the background  music for a giant documentary titled  "The Twentieth  Century" with the acclaimed journalist Walter Cronkite . Both Darius Milhaud and George Auric  lent their talents to this American-made TV classic. Auric also wrote music for movies, which includes the pop tune called "Where Is Your Heart," which became quite popular here in America  during the  1950's. And Darius Milhaud taught for a period at Mills College in California. His most promising student? Dave Brubeck.
Just a handful of examples of  renowned composers  just out to make a buck...



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