Friday, March 27, 2015

Fritz Kreisler and Serge Rachmaninoff - Yes; Together...

For those of us  who follow the great musicians as they emerge into greatness and then leave us, so many of them, thankfully,  have visited our planet during  the Recording Age, and have therefore  enhanced our lives with  rich legacies we can summon at our wishes.
Of course, Kreisler, the great Austrian violinist, and Rachmaninoff, the legendary Russian pianist and composer, have left us with many unforgettable examples of  their gifts. as soloists.
However, some of you may not be aware of a handful of recordings they produced as a duo  in 1928 at the Camden recording studios. Even though they had met back in, I believe, 1903, it took a quarter of a century for them to decide on recording works for piano and violin by such masters as Beethoven, Schubert and Grieg.
Kreisler's  golden sounds and Rachmaninoff's  unique coolness form a language that can never be replicated, in their recordings  of music for  these two instruments. Very often, great soloists who perform chamber music simply overpower the intent of the music by way of the  hubris naturally attached to any great soloist. This is not the case with these two giants, who form a chemistry that is beyond traditional expectation. Do listen this to Miracle. 



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