Monday, November 3, 2014

A Brief Diversion From Music...

I thought that it would be a brief respite from my world of the arts to relate to you a quartet of events  which occurred on  the 22nd day of June,  among  four different years...
June 22, 1937:
The feared boxer from Detroit, Joe Louis, became the  world's  Heavyweight champion by defeating Jimmy Braddock -
June 22, 1938:
The reigning champion, Joe Louis, avenged his only professional defeat up to that time by overwhelming  the famous boxer from Germany, Max Schmeling, in the first round.
June 22, 1940:
In the Compiegne Forest, France signed an armistice with Germany, in the presence of Adolf Hitler, in the same railway car that the Germans surrendered in 1918, ending "The War To End All Wars."
June 22, 1941:
The tyrant Adolf Hitler sealed his own fate by  invading the Soviet Union in the greatest land invasion in military history.
These four dates, strangely, interconnect  to form a number of compelling events:
The beginning glimmers of the Civil Rights Movement in America...
The first  palpable international 'slap in the face', in an athletic event, that Hitler received,  since  the performance of Jesse Owens of America in the 1936 Munich Olympics. Also, final personal vindication (Hitler's) of his conviction that America must be militarily defeated after he has conquered Europe.
Even though there is, of course, no connection between  the surrender of France in 1940 along with  Hitler's decision to invade Russia in 1941  and the Louis/Schmeling bouts, the date of 22nd June is involved, strictly by coincidence.
If you'd like to discover for yourselves how these dates are interconnected, researching these four dates will form the compelling story for you.
However; if  you prefer, I'd be happy to write, in my Aphorisms blog, an account of the events that fuse the 22nd of June into a really fascinating  historical saga - do let me know in the 'comments' aspect of my blog.



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