Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June - A Month Redolent With Defining Historical Events...

I think of  "The Art of War" when the month of June comes around for its annual visit; for instance, the grinding conflict in Italy during World War Two, culminating in the wresting of the Eternal City from the Nazis on June 4th, 1944. And within 48 hours of the liberation of Rome, the greatest amphibian operation in military history took place on the sixth of June on the coast of Normandy, which began the eventual liberation of the Western European from  Hitler's yolk. And on June 22, 1941, three million men on an almost 2000 mile front invaded Mother Russia, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of Hitler,  let alone the creation of the  Cold War, and the resulting fractious state our present world appears to be immersed in.
But; do not despair:
Robert Schumann(1810), Edvard Grieg(1843), and Igor Stravinsky(1882), were born in this month...



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