Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Special Day for "Aphorisms" - I Invite You to Join In...

This entry marks my 5ooth blog entry, and so I feel that it is about time to explain to  the reader the reasons for having begun this  series back in 2007:
After having undergone a series of pushes and shoves on the part of family and students to establish a blog site, I decided to do so, with some highly focused,  self-inflicted rules of specificity, which were inculcated and remain in force to this day:
To make sure that non-technical language be utilized, so that readers from all aspects of pursuance and interest can understand what they are reading.
To write about subjects that pop up in my mind, and to write them down at about the rate of one or so a week.
To write the blog without referring to any written source of information; in other words, to make this a kind of  'game'  in order to see how long this blog can last. The salient rule I abide by in this  'game',  is to rely solely on my memory bank, without resorting to the Internet, or a thesis or book etc. Only twice in these six years have I been forced to refer to some written material; one being my piece on one of Napoleon's soldiers visiting the composer Beethoven's apartments, and I needed specific words from the soldier's memoir to describe the disorder and unhealthy condition of Beethoven's living quarters on that day.
 The second time I needed exact written words was my piece on Beethoven's own rather truncated  written descriptions of the problems he had about his maids whom he hired to clean up after him.
All my other blogs  are things that 'pop' up without any reason, other than my commemorating a particular day in history, as I am rather good with dates.
My overall 'theme' is divided into two categories; simply, either  to write about something generally not known about a well-known figure or event; or,  to write about a figure either not known or  long forgotten.
My ultimate goal is to stop this blog when nothing 'pops' up - I am rather surprised that after six years, things keep 'popping' up, without my getting technical about this field we call Music.
It has been fun, and I hope that you will continue to have fun with me!



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