Monday, November 1, 2010

The Inner Sanctum of the Horowitz Transcriptions...

One of two letters I had written to Vladimir Horowitz dealt with the question of looking at his transcriptions, which, to my knowledge, had not been published at that time. He answered, with an apology, that they were simply not available for scrutinizing. Frankly, I had expected no answer, as his general policy was never to write any letters dealing with musical matters.
And so, since his passing in 1989, I never expected to look upon the notes making up these unparalleled works designed to explore the recesses of further possibilities awaiting those who make an assiduous study of the hidden potential awaiting within the piano.
Finally, I contacted a group I had been hearing about, who for years had been, fragment - by - fragment, committing the notes of these transcriptions onto paper, so that the arcane world of Horowitz and his massive technique can be finally seen.
Those of you who should like to be witness to the music can do so by keying:
I have a sense that Horowitz would not have been pleased at all this, as I feel that he preferred taking these coveted investigatory exercises he created with him on his final journey.



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