Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another "Hats Off!".... A Truly Singular Musician

This week, at Symphony Hall, Boston, a very special occasion will take place.
It is a salute to a truly singular musician; a violinist who performed with such notables as Artur Rubinstein, and who played for such notables as Franklin Delano Roosevelt during his tenure as President. Not only did he establish himself as a violinist of considerable stature, but also he has become renowned throughout the world of music as a teacher of vital import.
I was most fortunate to have taught at a well - known school of music, who had as director, this remarkable gentleman.
His approach to and through his art, coupled with a philosophy based upon the elemental power of love and recognition for both his colleagues and students, constitutes a unique admixture seen rarely in the arts; therefore, I consider him to be a priceless addendum to the history of music.
His name is Roman Totenberg. He has now lived a century. He continues to teach - just consider the reality of Perspective that he represents to his students.
He is a miracle in our time, and is loved by many... "Hats Off!"



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