Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Sound Not Familiar to Us

When the saxophone is played, we are, of course, familiar enough with its sound to be able to identify it when it is played.
However, if you can get hold of some the few recordings of the French saxophonist Marcel Mule, you will experience the saxophone in an entirely different light.
First of all, it is classical saxophone, not pop, rock or jazz - this aspect automatically casts the instrument into a different form.
An additional, and the most powerful addendum to the new experience you will undergo is the almost miraculous level Mule reached on this instrument. His status as a musician is every bit equal to the great musicians playing other instruments. The sounds he produced at times will make you wonder what instrument you are hearing. The best example of this level is a piece by a French composer, Bonot, in his "Caprice Enfant de Valse."
Another great performance by Mule is the Concertino da Camera by Ibert, during which Mule elevates the saxophone to heights simply not familiar to the listener, casual or otherwise.
By the way, another wonderful saxophonist, Vincent Abado, plays the Concerto for Saxophone and String Orchestra by Glazounov.
Both Mule and Abado presided over their greatnesses in the area of the mid - 20th century.
Be assured that it will have been worth the effort to find these masterpieces, which may be still be available through some researching.

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