Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Hudson River Patrician and the Great Imperialist - Bedfellows in History

To digress from the arts for a moment - I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of any room in which Roosevelt and Churchill had private conversations during World War II.
They could not have been more opposite in their world views; one, the American patrician, who could not have been more violently against world imperialism; the other, who represented steadfast views on the continuation of the British empire at all costs, even bankruptcy - one can only imagine the arguments the two must have had from time to time.
Fortunately, the overriding mandate was to destroy European Fascism, which was the final and immortal act engendered by these two opposites.
Strange; how just weeks after the war had been won, Churchill, who had held off the Nazi hordes armed with only words, for a critical period in English history, was booted out of office.
Reminds me of another similar event, two thousand years earlier, when Themistocles, after his victory over the Persians(which altered and affects our history today), was hounded into exile within ten years of that victory.
Ah, the history of the human condition - it seems that the greatest of all mysteries may be the image we see in the mirror.
Just thinking...

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