Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beethoven, the Chef(??)

I recall, in the memoir of one Seyfried, a friend of Beethoven, an incident involving a dinner that Beethoven prepared for a small group of friends, including Seyfried. This is the writer's description of the event:
`After waiting patiently for about an hour and a half(!), the guests were first served a soup that, according to Seyfried, looked and tasted like those charitable leavings distributed to beggars in the taverns; the beef followed, which was but half done and suited only for an ostrich. The vegetables floated in a mixture of water and grease. All of the afore- mentioned tasted as if it had been extracted from the chimney.
Fortunately for his friends, the great composer rather quickly tired of undergoing the tasks of cooking, and the survivors, including Beethoven, returned to the local taverns for their meals.
The entire cooking project was Beethoven's idea, his reason being that the costs would be far less than purchasing meals in the town's eating establishments.
His taste for the sounds he created was another thing, for which we all give thanks.

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