Thursday, January 21, 2016

For Valentine's Day: Three Truly Unique Opinions of "My Funny Valentine"...

I occasionally appear on radio to offer various performances of world famous  musicians that are, in my view, either  historically singular or not generally known, or both.
On Feb. 13, I will be on the air to talk about a trio of performances I especially like, followed by their recordings.
This session will involve one of the best known tunes of the  Richard Rodgers lexicon we know as "My Funny Valentine."
The famed British pianist George Shearing  offers his first recorded version, I believe recorded in 1956, of this song, and  envelopes us with a luscious array of 19th century patterns as only Shearing  can conjure, with an apotheosis  of Bach architecture forming a crown to this delightful recording.
For me, Cleo Laine (now Dame Cleo Laine) is not only a pop singer, but a Force - just listen to her "Turkish Delight."  In her opinion of "My Funny Valentine," recorded in 1988, she  takes us to a different place by way of   a strikingly  unique slant on how to tell the story, with  a marvelous tapestry woven around her  by way of  a piano forming the harmonies in a Classical configuration and a paucity of notes played - truly striking.
How  about "My Funny Valentine" for two violins?
AND the choice of the violinists?
How about Yehudi Menuhin, one of the 20th century's  eminent performers and
Stephane Grappelli, arguably the greatest of the Jazz violinists of his time? They recorded together during the 1970's and 80's.
Enough said -  just  listen to THIS opinion!
Enjoy the Trio!



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