Friday, May 23, 2014

A Violinist Not To Be Forgotten...

Although I use the piano as my primary instrument, my first experience in performance was by way of the violin. My first lessons in performance were on a  small sized violin, as I was just a little kid, and I did continue to play violin in orchestras throughout my school years.
And so, I listened to and purchased many recordings of violin performances during this period, including those of Heifetz, Kreisler, Francescatti, Menuhin, etc.
I remember playing games of  attempting to identifying violinists upon hearing first performances over the radio, and what is still quite vivid  in my memory is that of all the violinists I could most easily identify, primarily by his tone, it was the great Hungarian Joseph Szigeti.
I have always been more attracted as to how the great violinist  would approach the note to be played, with  the ensuing result or results;  and with the pyrotechnic of a Heifetz, or the grace and utter beauty of a Kreisler incarnation always in attendance, the most captivating reality that I became aware of  was, for me, the manner in which Szigeti would approach his music; specifically, the initial contact he engendered and the resulting sense of  molten gold that constituted  the result  for my ears - I cannot, in words,  project any reason for  my being able to recognize so successfully the sounds that Szigeti created; more so than any other great violinist.
Conveyances such as YouTube, or listening to this man on a postage stamp-sized set of speakers would not be the way to listen to a great  string player such as Szigeti.  If one should like to hear what Szigeti was able to create, I would  suggest getting recordings that can be played over a quality  system with room-sized speakers.
At any rate; for those of you who have not heard Szigeti's  recordings, may I invite you to do so?
You may not be 'seduced' as I was; however,  I have confidence that you will recognize the greatness of this
musician; a musician who should be well remembered.



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