Friday, January 16, 2009

A Recital Like No Other!

During my young years I frequented the beautiful concert hall at the Eastman School of Music, watching countless great artists perform there.
Perhaps the most memorable recital I can remember was performed by one who never became recognized, as I cannot even remember her name; however, she accomplished something I would never have contemplated:
She was a tall, blond young woman in a cherry - red dress, accompanied by the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Guy Fraser Harrison, as I recall.
What was curious about the program was that two concerti were listed, but only one performer's name appeared.
Sure enough, she first sat at the piano and performed the Tchaikowsky Piano Concerto (the well - known one, of course), and played it with skill.
Directly afterward, she came out with a violin, and performed the Max Bruch Concerto in "G", and with equal skill.
This event was certainly unique; imagine, one person playing two different instruments well enough to do such a thing.
The obvious reason we do not know of her is that she was devoid of that magic ingredient; namely, genius.
A kind of freak, with the ability to master the instruments, but with nothing to say.



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