Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Power of Dreams?? Read On...

During the first few weeks of my piano recitals in Germany, sponsored by Amerika Haus, which I had written about in my previous blog, I experienced an encounter with the world of dreams, which to this day, continues to befuddle and mystify me.
While initiating my tour, I experienced a dream, which was EXACTLY the very same each incarnation, about five or six times, all within a period of about three weeks, those first three weeks of my performances. The dream unfolded as follows:
I move onto the stage, approach the piano, acknowledge my audience, and prepare to perform.
As I lift my hands to begin, I freeze, and ask myself "Which recital do I play? Is it recital no. 1? Or is it No. 2? Or No. 3"? (In the dream, I had obviously prepared three different recital programs).
I simply cannot remember, and so I rise from the piano seat, stride over to the edge of the stage, look down at an elderly lady sitting in the front row, and ask her if I could look at the program. With a deeply puzzled expression, she hesitatingly rises from her seat, moves to the stage, and lifts her program up to me.
I gaze at the program for a moment, give it back to the woman, go back to the piano, muttering to myself "So it's recital No. 2", and begin my recital.
Incredibly, as I have stated, this dream recurred several times during the initial phase of my concert tour, and was precisely the same each time, even down to "recital No. 2."
Was it fear that engendered these dreams? I do not recall having fear, only the usual nervousness that accompanies all performers as a natural part of the performing process.
Would Freud have had an intelligent answer??



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