Saturday, November 10, 2007

May I Suggest?

I probably will suggest a short list of recordings for your consideration about once per week:

1.Vladimir Horowitz and Arturo Toscanini collaborated in recordings of only two composers.
Toscanini, arguably the most revered conductor of his time, and Horowitz, the Lion of 20th century pianists, were, of course, father-in-law and son-in-law respectively. The unique power of communication each possessed singly , when combined, created two epic studio recordings - the Tchaikowsky and Brahms "B" flat Concerti which, to this day, are statements of almost illimitable power and text. Another recording of the Tchaikowsky Concerto in the dramatic "War Bonds" concert in 1943 is a performance one should hear as well. These recordings are a "must", in my view.

2.To hear a saxophone played by Marcel Mule is to hear this instrument, essentially, for the first time.
Around mid - 20th century, Mule recorded the Concertino Da Camera by Ibert. Do make an attempt to get hold of this recording - perhaps you might "Google" in order to find it, if necessary.
Be assured that you will be recipient of a unique experience.

3.Glenn Gould and Bach seem to be one and the same. Gould's defining performances of the great German composer are known to the world, and have been since the 1950's.
May I suggest that you listen to the work of Angela Hewitt, a Canadian pianist? She has in recent years vaulted to fame, primarily because of her luminous readings of Bach, most especially the Partitas and the Goldberg Variations. She may well turn out to become the most important Bach pianist of our time.



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